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The CEO Project underpins all craft-building efforts using the Genius CEO™ Model

A clever way to diagnose why you might be failing
As a CEO, these days it is absolutely impossible to be excellent at every aspect of your broad and diverse role. It’s useful to have a clear and easy way to diagnose why you may be struggling with elements of your work. 
What is your central intention for the year ahead?
Intention is a hugely important concept as it largely determines your reality. Lacking intention means lacking focus, resulting in a mediocre or unwanted result.
Check your alignment to ensure a year of success
There are varying degrees of ‘alignment’ and as a CEO, you need to check your alignment to ensure a year of success for your organisation.

Build your CEO craft

The CEO Project is a journey. One that invites you to be intentional about building your craft of being a CEO. There are five elements that comprise the CEO Project, each designed in a way that fits individual learning styles.

CEO Assessment

This is where the CEO Project journey commences. Here you will engage in a structured 3-hour conversation to form a view of your current reality. You will receive a written assessment that will provide insights into where your ongoing CEO learning journey should take you. This report is then unpacked in person, ensuring full understanding. 

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CEO Accelerator

The CEO Accelerator offers a deep dive into building your CEO craft, offering an expertly facilitated space to think and learn about how to improve on your leadership and become a Genius CEO. 

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CEO Masterclass

CEOs meet their peers monthly in an intimate round-table setting to stimulate, shape and hone their CEO craft through authentic conversations, shared learning and subject matter specialists: facilitated and guided by Rowan Belchers (Advisor to CEOs).

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CEO Advisory

One-on-one Advisory and Executive Coaching for CEOs who desire intense focus on developing their personal CEO craft for immediate application into their business.

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CEO Global Immersion

CEOs who prioritise maintaining a global perspective are offered the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge leaders in high-relevance countries (such as India and Silicon Valley).

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Rowan Belchers

Understanding the unique possibilities and challenges of the CEO position has been Rowan’s singular passion for the last decade. Rooted in Africa, but with a global education and client base, Rowan’s experience spans the full spectrum of business issues. Through extensive study and exposure Rowan has developed unique intellectual property that applies specifically to CEOs. Broad-range development of the skills, knowledge and character of system leaders (CEOs, MDs, GMs, Function Heads) is his key differentiator.

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Our company and myself have worked with Rowan and Lockstep for several years to help us become proficient at the craft of CEO-ship while we experienced exponential growth. The complexity of growth and acquisitions in a business has taught me that having a trusted advisor and mentor in Rowan and his team, made all the difference between success and potential failure in my role as CEO. I have learnt more about myself and how I best deal with people during these last few years with them by my side, than I have in the previous 30 years.
Dawie Kriel
CEO, Energy Partners
Seldom do you cross paths with an individual or company that has a profound impact on you and your business. This has been my experience working with Rowan and his team at Lockstep. Their ability to extract the best in you, as well as polish your CEO-ship has been transformative.
Alex Baisch
CEO, PackSolve Pty Ltd
As a first-time founder and CEO, working with Rowan opened my eyes to the full scope and opportunity of the role of CEO. As our business transitions from a very small team to become a bigger business, I have come to understand how important it is for me to find the time to step away from the day-to-day minutiae of the business and be deliberate about building out the range of my leadership skills. Working with Rowan is not an easy ride – he challenges you to think deeply about the role of the CEO and identifies those aspects of the CEO craft where you can develop. It’s a challenging process, but one which I have thoroughly enjoyed – and I know that our business is the stronger for it.
Andy Walford
CEO, Oceanrock Consulting
The notion of the Heroic CEO is outdated. The future CEO will have developed an understanding of their own CEO craft, and will use such to develop future leaders both within and outside of their organisational systems. Working with Rowan and the Lockstep team has helped me to understand and identify my own genuine ‘inner-self’ which has allowed me to commence with my own leadership journey.
Nic Hughes
MD, Halls Financial Services

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