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The CEO Project underpins all craft-building efforts using the Genius CEO™ Model

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A collection of ongoing bespoke CEO specific insights to supplement your learning journey.

A clever way to diagnose why you might be failing
As a CEO, these days it is absolutely impossible to be excellent at every aspect of your broad and diverse role. It’s useful to have a clear and easy way to diagnose why you may be struggling with elements of your work. 
What is your central intention for the year ahead?
Intention is a hugely important concept as it largely determines your reality. Lacking intention means lacking focus, resulting in a mediocre or unwanted result.
Check your alignment to ensure a year of success
There are varying degrees of ‘alignment’ and as a CEO, you need to check your alignment to ensure a year of success for your organisation.
A CEO Christmas Wishlist
A CEO Christmas wishlist for under your tree this Christmas this year.
What was your CEO hypothesis?
It’s the end of the year and by now your body of work as a CEO has been determined for 2019. Have you succeeded? How do you know?
Are your biases in check?
Good quality thinking is the lifeblood of success and executive leaders who make crucial system-impacting decisions, need to understand their biases far better than they currently do.
A 'Safe' CEO - Are You One?
I really like the word ‘safety’ as it is devoid of corporate-speak and goes directly to the point: are you fit to lead an organisation and it’s people. Are you ‘safe’?
Two trump cards CEOs don’t realise they have
Two trump cards CEOs don’t realise they have: Choice and hope.
The CEO check-in
There has never been a better time to be a CEO as the optionality about where you work, how you work, who you work with and what you do has never been greater. This is even more true for the CEO, given your ability to make change.
What CEO 'Gear' Are You In?
My experience is that CEOs seldom recognise that their own impetus as a system leader needs to be in alignment with that of the business. If this is not the case, it’s like the car is wanting to go faster, but is not in the right gear, or not in gear at all – metaphorically speaking, of course.

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