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A tribute from Oggie SA saluting all the firefighters for their bravery and courage

The fires that raged throughout the Cape Peninsular recently were absolutely devastating. Not only homes were destroyed, but thousands of hectares of forest and fynbos. This is a tribute from Oggie SA saluting all the firefighters for their bravery and courage.

Oggie SA will add R1,00 towards the Volunteer Wildfire Services Fund for every ‘Like’ click […]

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Inspired by nature…

A desert landscape with tiny sand mounds formed by the wind. Rough textures and contrasts of granite rock formed by the earth over time. The crashing of the sea on a sandy beach with the changing tides. These are the textures and colours that inspired Oggie with their ‘Authentic Handcrafted’ range of multi-layered oak hardwood flooring.

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Some Oggie Magic

It’s really difficult to consider that we are already 15 years into a new century. It seems like just yesterday that we were all weary of the Y2K bug and the fact that we were entering a new century. We were also making pretty awful fashion decisions too, of which some have crept back, which […]

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Oggie and Kapama

The time of year where the itch come to get away is fast approaching, if you aren’t already you’re about in the planning stage to get away. Generally, that’s a terrific idea considering the hard and tedious hours that you have put in over a very ling year. For that reason and that reason only […]

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Oggie and Checkers

If you go down to your Checkers today you’re in for a big surprise, if you go down to your Checkers today you won’t believe your eyes. Provided of course, your local Checkers is in Johannesburg and you have a love for all thing interior.  Well, in that case we have some excellent news for […]

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Oggie: The South African Choice

Just the other day we had a client ask a very interesting question which made us both proud and made us decided to tell you the truth. It’s not like we would ever lie to you, it’s just that your perception may have just run away with you. It’s exactly like imagining how large your […]

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The Oggie Decision

How many people fall into the category of those that battle with making the final decision? We are very aware of this and that is why we make sure that our staff are there to guide you through your journey from walking through our showroom doors, to walking on the perfect Oggie Oak Flooring.

Making decisions […]

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Oggie Lookbook

At Oggie, we love all things design. Fashion for instance is something that intrigues us at all time. In fact, if you visit the Oggie Showroom’s in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town you would be lucky to be in some of the most fashionable space around – surrounded by some of the most fashionable people.

So, […]

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Oggie and Cavalli

Often, we are addressed with that old adage, ‘you are the company you keep!’ At Oggie, we couldn’t tell you how important this mantra is to us as we strive for to be part of some of the best spaces around the country. Thankfully we have the right partners in the right places that make […]

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When Your Kitchen Makes the Decision

We’re all for people making great ideas when it comes to Oggie Oak Flooring. So when our floors were placed in the kitchen of this home and the owners decided to place the flooring everywhere. We knew, as well as they did that their decision was a terrific one.

And as you know, our images have […]

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